40 Pounds Of Soul

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Featuring Sisa Feherova, Blezz and Nelace
Producers include Terem, Hexsagon, Blezz, Dr. Drumah!, The Cancel, LP2, Ondrej Žatkuliak and Soul Square

1. Intro – 40 Pounds Of Soul
Produced by Terem and Melodiq

2. 4U ft. Nelace (Remix)
Produced by Hexsagon

3. Better Than You
Produced by LP2

4. Push It Away ft. Sisa Feherova
Produced by Ondrej Žatkuliak
Cuts by DJ Atom

5. Lay It On The Line
Produced by Terem

6. Rewind ft. Blezz
Produced by Blezz

7. My Way
Produced Dr. Drumah
Saxophone: Marian Jaslovský

8. It’s No Surprise
Produced by The Cancel

9. Let Me Live
Produced by Terem

10. The Place To Be
Produced by Ondrej Žatkuliak
Guitars: Tibor Žida
Keys: Roman Cerný
Background Vocals: Erika Fecová

11. City Life (2013)
Produced by Terem

12. One More Chance
Produced by Soul Square

13. Outro – Let The Musiq
Produced by Melodiq

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